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Hello, can I somehow to pay with skrill your hh? Regards, Markoanswer
hello do you also offer mtts hands for and for winamax? regards tomanswer
Hi, I just bought some plo 50 hands for However, i dont know if this went well because i could read what there was said after paying. I used my creditcard for this. Could you please provide me with some information? Regards Luuk Botteranswer
hi! dont you have zoom hands from pokerstars?thanksanswer
Hi, what does a monthly sub for MTT cost? answer
Hi I am unable to place an order via paypal. Whenever I click the order button nothing happens, if I click the order button without an email address or paypal select it does bring up an error so the button does work.answer
Hello why i cant choose paypal as a payment method to buy hands? Before i bought hands from you by using paypal.answer
hello is it possible to get bulk of mtts historysanswer
Is it possible to buy large quantity of sng hand histories in bulk?answer
Do you have MTT poker hand histories in bulk?answer
Hands for NL25 (Spain) includes tables ZOOM, or only not Zoom?? Regardsanswer
у вас цены повысились?answer
Hi, I was wondering if you were mining snap poker on 888, or if you intended of doing it in the future. Thanks.answer
Hello, I'm searching for mtt by ID and it shows me not 1 but 4-5 mtts with counts of hands, if I search the same MTT for another day it gives me the same price so for what is the payment? is it for all monthly hands from this specific tournament? or just for 1? thanksanswer
hi i want to buy bulk hands for SNG, how can i do it? i see only monthly subscriptionanswer
Hi, there seems to be a mistake in your system. When you choose Fixed limit games (FL1000 and FL600) and choose SH and FR only it shows more hands than if you choose SH/FR and HU. And it should be the other way around. I may be interested in buying but I don't want to make a mistake when choosing.answer
У меня было накопленно почти 15 hh бонусов, а теперь я не могу зайти в свой кабинет. Вы что то поменяли в авторизации?answer