Get a free monthly subscription to the history of poker hands for PokerStars onGame iPoker Party

Within the action of our service, you can download for free monthly subscription package for poker hand histories. In the case of the conditions you can get a free subscription to PokerStars, Pati, OnGeym, Full Tilt, iPoker.

For this you need:

free to link to our website and services from our service his blog, forum, website or any online poker topics. After that, send the application form below on the page, after reviewing your application and approval conditions made you will receive a free two week subscription to the hand history poker site of your choice (PokerStars, FullTilt, onGame, Cereus, iPoker, Party Poker).

Rules for participation:

  • Do not spam forums , if your link will be removed c forum or blog, it will not be taken into account at all, or sending the subscription will be suspended. < /li>
  • you can fit more than one link , for example, if you put three links, you get 6 weeks of subscription. But the links should be at least on different pages.

You can subscribe to so for example having 6 weeks:

2 weeks free subscription to the PokerStars NL100 SH

plus 2 weeks free on iPoker NL20 FR and 2 weeks of subscription to the Party NL25 SH

  • simply add our link on your site or blog.
  • Offer applies to
    • sites (PokerStars, onGame, iPoker, PartyPoker, FullTilt)
    • type of game only No Limit Holdem
    • table size 6maks and Fulring
    • limits of up to $ 0.1/0.2 1/2 $

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Getting text links to place:

I get a link, please wait ..

Send a request for the link text before placing it on your site and you'll get the link text in the mail within 24 hours. After receiving the link it will be ready for deployment

After placing links you should send a letter with her address for this, you can simply fill out the form below. Enter the desired monthly subscription that you want to get free. After sending the letter, you will check the link, and after 3 days will send you the answer.